Iceland Foundation enhances tolerance and coexistence through a symposium

The late increase in nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures in Icelandic society requires a new concept of coexistence, tolerance and dialogue. All these different cultures need to contribute effectively towards building up the society and enriching it with all what is beneficial and useful for the coming generations. It is important to held symposiums that addresses such issues and works on establishing common values and principles for the Icelandic society.

As an initiative, Foundation of Iceland is holding a symposium titled: Towards a Co-existing and Tolerant Society in Iceland, which will be help on the 30th of January 2016 in the main meeting room in Grand Hótel Reykjavík. Speakers are to be Icelandic officials, academics, educators, civilisational communicators, human rights specialists, workers on integration projects of new arrivals, and specialists in security and legal issues. Moreover, a number of ambassadors, representatives from Icelandic ministries, and representatives of some civil institutions will be attending. The goal of this symposium is to re-establish and renew the concepts of co-existence and tolerance in the Icelandic society.

The symposium will tackle many key points, including: the role of education in enriching the Icelandic society with the concepts of co-existence and tolerance, civil institutions and its role in enhancing the concepts of co-existence and tolerance and how to trade with new asylum seeker, the role of official institutions and local authorities in enhancing the concepts of co-existence and tolerance, the role of religions in spreading these concepts in the society, media and its role in highlighting these concepts, and the role of business owners in implementing these concepts.