The third Scandinavian symposium

Helsinki statement.
The third Scandinavian symposium was held in the capital Helsinki under the title of the values of tolerance and coexistence in the Finnish society organized by Alrisalah Scandinavian foundation in collaboration with the Muslim society in Finland, and with the participation of specialists from the Scandinavian countries as well as important figures from the Finnish state institutions, civil and religious and educational institutions.
The seminar included several dimensions where the speakers will be addressing the role of education, as well as the civil institutions, media, religion organizations, business men to promote tolerance and coexistence between the civilized Finnish society.
As the speakers were talking about different aspects to promote those values in the concept of citizenship and justice in rebuilding of living together regardless of color, race, religion, and the participants stressed the importance of culture interaction between the Finnish society groups and hold more of these specialized seminars that address the common issues.
The participants also stressed the importance of the role of the official institutions in the protection of coexistence, tolerance and the attachment of laws and legislation that would spread the spirit of tolerance, cooperation and renunciation of violence and extremism in all its form and colors and sources of values.
The participants stressed the importance of the role of the Finnish Islamic institutions in the statement of tolerance of Islam and its teaching and work to educate Muslims particularly in the role of civilization in their country of Finland and ensure the participation in maintaining security.
As they ensure the importance of integration to reduce the common issues like unemployment and seeking to work towards stable and effective homeland.
As the organizers praised the civilized seminar initiative from Saudi Arabia king Abdallah center of interfaith dialogue, seminars and conferences held by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the culture communication and call for moderation and peace and security in the world.
Also praised the present conference on religious dialogue anagam annually in the state of Qatar and their significant positive impact in spreading the spirit of dialogue and cooperation between the followers of divine religions.
Attendees also praised the role of the kingdom of morocco in supporting the communities in the Scandinavians by spreading goodness and moderation and their contribution and encourage tolerance, dialogue and coexistence among the Scandinavians societies.
Finally , the participants recommended the importance of continuing to hold such seminars on a parmenant basis to be a key step in building a proper relationship between the community groups.
Based on these proposals and recommendations Alrisalah Scandinavian foundation has decided to organize three special courses about cultural communication for the benefit of finish imams and speakers in Helsinki. The foundation will also work on opening a Finnish center for cultural communication in the Capital Helsinki.