A statement denouncing and condemning the cowardly terrorist act in Stockholm, Sweden 2017-04-07

The Islamic Foundation of Iceland strongly condemns the vicious attack on Swedish citizens in the capital city of Stockholm that occurred today.

The attack is a grave crime against humanity and against the right to live in peace and enjoy safety, as the Sweden country is one of the best countries in tolerance, coexistence, freedom and human rights.

The immoral behaviors of such attackers are completely unacceptable in all religions, customs and values, especially those upheld in the religion of Islam, which forbids acts of aggression against others.

The Islamic Foundation of Iceland urges the Swedish government, politicians and officials to continue to work hard to support and assist the families of the dead and wounded. The Foundation also encourage the police and judicial authorities specifically to stand together with civil institutions against anyone trying to undermine the security that we enjoy in the country, and in which we live in harmony.

Islamic Foundation of Iceland declares its total rejection of all ideas and trends that spread extremism, terrorism and violence – regardless of their source – and that attempt to spread hatred and destruction of secure society.

The Islamic Foundation of Iceland extends its condolences to the families of the dead, and wishes the injured and the wounded a speedy recovery and return to a normal life in peace.

May God preserve our countries and bless it with safety, security and stability.

Islamic Foundation of Iceland
Reykjavik 2017-04-07

Karim Askari
Executive Director