The Grand Mosque of Iceland and TUFF Reykjavik

It is with the heartfelt gratitude of the Islamic Foundation of Iceland, that we thank our three distinguished guests, Mrs Hrund Hafsteinsdottir, Director, Ministry of Foreign Office, Iceland, Mr Óskar Dýrmundur Olafsson, the Reykjavik City Mayor’s Office Community Relations for the Breiðholti District of Reykjavik, and Dr. Talwar from The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) London, U.K. all of whom today, Friday December 15th, 2017, who graced our humble Mosque and Islamic Center with their presence and most importantly, their solidarity with our community.
We at the Islamic Foundation of Iceland are appreciative of our vistors’ efforts to join hands with our community members and to forge lasting bonds with our community, and we fully intend to meet this kindness with full support and efforts of alliance with them as well.

God Willing.

With the Deepest Appreciation and Respect,
Mr.Karim Askari